You are not reading the most current version of the documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 2.5 .

Extract schema from metadataΒΆ


  1. You have the snapshot tag.

  2. The snapshot contains schema.tar.gz file.


  1. List files located in snapshot you want to restore.

    sctool backup files -c my-cluster -L s3:backups -T sm_20191210145143UTC

    The first output line is a path to schemas archive, for example:

    s3://backups/backup/schema/cluster/ed63b474-2c05-4f4f-b084-94541dd86e7a/task_287791d9-c257-4850-aef5-7537d6e69d90_tag_sm_20200506115612UTC_schema.tar.gz      ./
  2. Download schema archive.

    aws s3 cp s3://backups/backup/schema/cluster/ed63b474-2c05-4f4f-b084-94541dd86e7a/task_287791d9-c257-4850-aef5-7537d6e69d90_tag_sm_20200506115612UTC_schema.tar.gz ./
  3. Extract CQL files from archive. This archive contains a single CQL file for each keyspace in the backup.

    tar -xzvf task_287791d9-c257-4850-aef5-7537d6e69d90_tag_sm_20200506115612UTC_schema.tar.gz