You are not reading the most current version of the documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 2.5 .

Swagger File

Scylla Manager Server ships with Swagger UI that is served under /ui/ URL path. The UI can be used to issue API calls against Scylla Manager Server. It also provides scylla-manager.json API spec file. Using the file you can generate Scylla Manager clients in various programming languages.


Launch UI in your browser

The following procedure instructs how to access a remote Scylla Manager Server UI from your workstation.


  1. SSH access to host running Scylla Manager Server.


  1. Get to know address and port Scylla Manager Server is listening on. By default it’s localhost and port 5080. If that is not the case check the http and https configuration options in the config file.

  2. Open SSH tunnel from your workstation to the Scylla Manager Server host. The following example works with the default settings. If needed adjust address and port.

    ssh -L 5080:localhost:5080 <host>
  3. Open http://localhost:5080/ui/ in your browser.