Install Scylla Manager Agent

Scylla Manager Agent is a daemon, that needs to be installed and started on each Scylla node. Scylla Manager Server communicates with nodes in the managed Scylla clusters via the Agents. The communication is encrypted (HTTPS) and protected by an auth token. Agent serves as a reverse proxy to Scylla REST API, and provides additional features specific to Scylla Manager.


Repeat the procedure for every Scylla node in the cluster that you want to be managed by Scylla Manager.

Install package

Download and install Scylla Manager Agent from the Scylla Download Center.

Run the scyllamgr_agent_setup script

The Scylla Manager Agent setup script automates configuration of Scylla Manager Agent by asking you some questions. It can be run in non-interactive mode by using flags. You will need to run this command as root or with sudo.


Make sure you run the Scylla Manager Agent setup script, and enable Scylla helper slice. The helper slice contains a cgroup definition that governs Scylla Manager Agent resources usage. Without the slice the node latency during backup upload maybe unpredictable.

scyllamgr_agent_setup -h
Usage: scyllamgr_agent_setup [-y][--no-scylla-helper-slice]

  -y, --assume-yes          assume that the answer to any question which would be asked is yes
  --no-scylla-helper-slice  skip configuring systemd scylla-helper.slice
  --no-enable-service       skip enabling service
  -h, --help                print this help

Interactive mode is enabled when no flags are provided.

Run the scyllamgr_agent_setup script to configure the service. You will need to run this command as root or with sudo.

For example:

sudo scyllamgr_agent_setup -y

Configure an authentication token

Authentication tokens are used to authenticate requests to the Agent. Unauthenticated requests are rejected. Use the same token on all the nodes in a cluster. Use different tokens in different clusters.


  1. On one node only generate an authentication token to be used to authenticate Scylla Manager with the Agent. Run the token generator script. For example:

  2. Take the auth token you generated, and place it into /etc/scylla-manager-agent/scylla-manager-agent.yaml as the auth_token parameter value, remember to uncomment the line. For Example:

    cat /etc/scylla-manager-agent/scylla-manager-agent.yaml

    Results in:

    # Scylla Manager Agent config YAML
    # Specify authentication token, the auth_token needs to be the same for all the
    # nodes in a cluster. Use scyllamgr_auth_token_gen to generate the auth_token
    # value.
    auth_token: 6Es3dm24U72NzAu9ANWmU3C4ALyVZhwwPZZPWtK10eYGHJ24wMoh9SQxRZEluWMc0qDrsWCCshvfhk9uewOimQS2x5yNTYUEoIkO1VpSmTFu5fsFyoDgEkmNrCJpXtfM


    Use the same token on all the nodes in a cluster

Start Scylla Manager Agent service


  1. Start Scylla Manager Agent service.

    sudo systemctl start scylla-manager-agent
  2. Verify the Scylla Manager Agent is running.

    sudo systemctl status scylla-manager-agent -l
    ● scylla-manager-agent.service - Scylla Manager Agent
      Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/scylla-manager-agent.service; disabled; vendor preset: disabled)
      Active: active (running) since Wed 2019-10-30 10:46:51 UTC; 7s ago
        Main PID: 14670 (scylla-manager-)
        CGroup: /system.slice/scylla-manager-agent.service
               └─14670 /usr/bin/scylla-manager-agent